Chapter 1
  So much to say


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Ein weiterer Songtext der perfekt zu meinem Leben passt (Tweet "So much to say" )

Ohh...what to say...
I remeber when we started
(Ohh)So much to say...
And the exact time it ended
Ohh...what to say...
My life was in shambles
(Ohh)So much to say...
So much comotion
and no place to mend it
(Ohh)what to say...
A hand full of pills
and a plan B
(Ohh)So much to say...
I wanted nothing to do with life
or what was to become of me
What to say...
Loved no more
So was to say..
Every door shut i felt i heard
I just wanted to sail away,
float away
To the sounds of a sothern humming bird
A sothern humming bird..

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